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Brand Beauties: Lisa Lefkowitz
by Emily
Welcome to our new series, Branding Beauties! Lara and I (Emily, for those of you I've yet to meet!) are thrilled to introduce this insightful series of posts on the whys and hows of integrated branding across multiple platforms. Since branding - whether in the form of business cards, a blog, or even an email message signature - is usually the first way a potential client or collaborator encounters you, it is the most important investment you can make. Yes, branding can make or break you... read more
Lisa Lefkowitz Photography
New Brand, New Website, New Journal! I'm thrilled to welcome you to my new Journal, and to announce my new website and brand. These have all been many, many months in the making, and it's so exciting to finally see it all come to fruition!
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Woodward & Rick Photographers
The Southern duo of Brian Woodward and Gry Rick just launched their new brand. "After many months of work with the most fabulous designer on the planet, Melanie Halim, owner and principal designer of Collective Lines, Inc. in San Francisco, we are re-born!".
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Banten Tea: Organic
After planning their sales globally, Banten Tea is in need of new brand and packaging system that reflects their premium quality as well as a place of origin.".
September 30, 2008
News-5: The falling US housing market, the trigger for the global financial crisis, is still far from reaching the bottom, promising more pain for consumers and more bad debt for banks, analysts say. With the real estate bubble burst, prices are sinking under pressure from a glut of unsold homes, particularly in areas like California, Florida and Arizona, rising unemployment and foreclosures, as well as tightening credit conditions. "In terms of prices, I don't think they'll bottom out until the end of next year and I don't think they're going to bounce back. They'll crawl back," chief economist for ratings agency Standard & Poor's, David Wyss, told AFP. He sees another 10 percent fall over the next year measured by the Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller property survey that tracks prices in 20 cities. The market has fallen by 20 percent since its peak of July 2006.
Lisa Lefkowitz's New Brand featured at Lara Casey's blog.
Lisa Lefkowitz Photography launches their new brand identity and website.
Woodward and Rick Photographers launches their new brand.
Introducing Banten Tea: Organic.